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My name is Natalia Shigapova, I am the founder and CEO of The Royal Visa company.

For 17 years I have been advising clients on obtaining various types of visas to the UK: tourist, guest, marriage registration visas, wives and brides. More than 1100 international couples have formed relationships thanks to my support, and 2000+ tourists have visited the United Kingdom and loved ones living there.

Working at the British Visa Center in Moscow, knowledge of five languages, my own experience of immigration and marriage with a foreigner, help me to solve immigration and visa issues efficiently and quickly, as well as provide moral support to my clients.

Collecting documents for traveling abroad is an exciting and time–consuming process.

Where to begin?
What type of visa should I choose?
How to deal with an online questionnaire if you are unsure of English?
What is included in the package of documents?
How and in what format to send it to the consulate?
How to act if you are denied a visa?

If you are the bride or the wife of a foreigner, the stress doubles. In addition to bureaucratic nuances, there is a fear of a new life.

Ten years ago, I walked this path myself when I married a foreigner and planned to move abroad. I remember my worries and therefore I understand your excitement.


I know from my own experience what it means to build a family life with a citizen of another country. I remember how exciting and at the same time sad it is to leave your relatives, and to start your life from scratch.

  • What are the rules in your spouse’s home country?
  • Is it possible to register a marriage not in the UK, but in another country?
  • A marriage contract: is it required, how to arrange it.
  • Marriage legalization
  • How much does it cost, what documents will both partners need to provide?
  • How to take your child for a permanent residence in the UK with you?
  • How to find yourself in a new place, get a job, meet new people abroad?

Dozens of questions cause panic. You can either worry about many things and feel stressed while preparing for your wedding and relocation, or forget to do various important things because of your excitement.

We will help you avoid the “pitfalls” of relocation to another country and a visa process itself. We will explain you all the bureaucratic nuances in detail and provide clear instructions on how to prepare everything by yourself without mistakes.

Together with a visa assistance, my clients receive my professional advice on the requirements and rules for entering the United Kingdom. We also provide a step-by-step action plan of what to do after your relocation.

Throughout our cooperation, you will be able to ask me any questions you have, not only about documents, but even if they relate to organizing a wedding in foreign country. I will promptly respond your questions and provide support in any situations.

More than 1100 of my clients have already registered their relationship, relocated to the UK to join their partners and adapted to a new place without stress and mistakes. Now it is your turn to make your dream come true!

Our visa specialists successfully passed trainings and tests provided by companies accredited with OISC.

Reuniting hearts is my mission.

“Two years later we got married and still treat each other with awe and care!”

My name is Elena. I met my husband on the dating app Tinder in April 2020. in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic. I am an extrovert and I was scared to imagine how I would live without communication with my colleagues, without discussing projects and having lunch together. Without thinking twice, I downloaded Tinder to find out how people in other countries are going through this period.

I chose London and 2 weeks later I saw a beautiful brunette and I thought: ‘it can’t be true, he’s not real, he looks like a picture! But he turned out to be a real, and very interesting conversationalist!

We talked every day, but could meet in the reality, because the air traffic in Russia was suspended. After 3 months of our online conversations, Russia resumed flights to the three countries. Those countries were: Turkey, Tanzania and, oh, what a miracle, Great Britain! James immediately bought tickets to Moscow and one month later I was meeting him at the airport! Everything was perfect, we felt like we were soul mates. Six months later, I found Natasha’s Instagram page because I wanted to visit James in England. Natasha helped me with my visa application and I got my visa in three weeks!

Two years later we got married and are very happy! Now we are waiting for my Spouse visa, and, of course, we could not do it without Natasha’s help. To be continued… later on a Spouse visa.

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