A Child Visa is a document that allows children under 18 years of age enter the United Kingdom.

A child under the age of 18 can apply for a visa and travel to the UK with an adult who is their legal guardian or a parent, or alone (an Unaccompanied Child Visa).

You can obtain a Child Visitor Visa or a Dependent Child Visa for your child.

Who can apply for a Child visa?


We will help to collect a complete package of documents for a visa

Correctly fill out the application form in English and sign up for the submission of documents to the visa center

We will help with the translation of documents and the preparation of all necessary cover letters

We will provide support throughout the visa process

Processing time

The processing time of a Visitor Visa for children is 6 weeks.
The processing time for a Dependent Child Visa is at least 24 weeks (6 months).
Priority Visa Service is temporarily not available for applicants applying from the Russian Federation.

General requirements

The general requirements for Child visa applications are exactly the same as for similar same category visas for adults:
Visitor visa
Family spouse visa

Moreover, if parents and children are travelling to the UK together, visa applications for all family members must be submitted together.

Additional requirements for Child visas:

– Confirmation of a safe place for children to stay during the whole period of their trip to the UK
– Confirmation there is a legal guardian or parents who are responsible for the child in the country of residence
– If a child is traveling without one or both parents, it is necessary to provide a notarized permission to leave the country of residence from one or both parents

Financial Requirements

The Home Office does not have any specific requirements for the amount of money required to apply for a Visitor Visa. However, the amount shown on the bank account must be realistic for the trip, including the cost of the return ticket.

When applying for a visa for a Dependent child, the sponsor must prove an annual income of at least an additional £2,400 before tax deduction for each child.

How much will it cost?

– Home Office fee – £100 or £1,523 depending on visa category – for applicants from Russia is paid in dollars.

– Healthcare Surcharge for a Dependent Child visa – approximately $2,010
Priority Services – not included, paid separately at the Visa Application Center
*Please note that Priority Services are temporarily not available in Russia.
– Translation of documents into English – translation services are paid separately
Our certified translators will help you to translate necessary documents into English. This service is not included in the cost and is paid separately. Please contact us for advice.
– Services of a visa agent – the cost of our services is listed below

General documents for a visa application

Please note that there is no standard package of documents for a Fiance visa application. A list of documents is created individually for each case.

Please contact us to get a consultation regarding the documents list for a Child visa.

Our visa specialists successfully passed trainings and tests provided by companies accredited with OISC.

Why choose us?

You can trust us.
We deal with each case on basis of many years of experience in immigration and visa process. We know how to prepare documents for complex cases, what to do after visa refusal to avoid it next time, and how to apply after a 10-year entrance ban.

Individual approach
We offer an individual approach to each client, give each case a high priority, and take into account all nuances of your situation.

Cooperation with immigration lawyers.
Our company has its own immigration lawyers. You will be able to get their advice in complex and unique cases, as well as on appeal after a refusal.

Working with us is convenient for you.
We work remotely, that allows us to save your time and effectively communicate with our customers around the world.

We speak Russian, English, Spanish
Knowledge of several languages allows us to find an approach to each client.

Cost of services

Initial consultation is a separate service that you can use to clarify your questions about visa processing.
The cost of the consultation: 100 euros

Price on request


You choose this tariff because you value your time and are ready to entrust the complex process of obtaining a visa to the UK to a team with many years of experience – 17 years in the market. Our specialists have received professional training and have an official certificate from agencies accredited by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner).

We will make a brief and a list of documents for you, taking into account your data, according to which you will be able to quickly collect the necessary materials. You will have clear and detailed instructions for each document from the list. Leave all the difficulties with registration and paperwork to our team. You will only have to come to the consulate on the specified day and time for the delivery of biometrics.”

The package of services includes:

— consultation in two languages (English and Russian);

— detailed analysis of each stage in the visa processing process;

— list of requirements for submitted documents;

— analysis of your situation, determination of disputable points and provision of possible solutions;

— assessment of your chances of obtaining a visa;

— answers to your questions on the topic;

— drawing up a list of documents for your case

+ instructions for payment of consular fees;

+ registration for the delivery of biometrics;

+ uploading documents to TLScontact’s personal account (our specialists will check and translate all documents into the required format before uploading to the website);

+ final instructions before submitting documents;

+ support during the preparation and waiting for a decision on a visa.”

As a bonus, you receive instructions from our team on how to independently check the status of the application on the website: how to log in to your personal account, when you can check the status of the application, what stages your documents go through, etc.

Additional service “Express preparation in 3 working days”:

In addition to each tariff, you can purchase the service “Express preparation in 3 working days” – this is a service aimed at speeding up the process of registration and submission of documents to the consulate. Your application will be processed by our specialists first of all. That is, the standard period for consideration of 1 package of documents is 10 days, and with this service, the consideration period is reduced by 2 times*

Cost: +50% of the cost of the selected tariff

“You choose this service because you want to get a quick response from the visa application center or you need to apply for an urgent visa to the UK.

 Our specialists process your case, prepare a list of documents taking into account your data and make the necessary adjustments. Uploading documents to the website, recording for the submission of biometrics and other services for you are also performed first of all.”

*The standard review period and work with one case is 10 days. When purchasing the “Express preparation in 3 working days” service, the application is considered first.


The processing speed of your case also depends on you. Our specialists prepare documents for uploading to the website, and your task is to be in touch and promptly supplement the package of documents, update information and provide the necessary information.

Contacting the Royal Visa company is your contribution to your future. You have been entrusting your stories to our team for 17 years, and we are glad to be involved in the creation of new international families, the reunion of lovers and tourist discoveries. Each story is individual, but everyone has something in common – a starting point. We invite you to start your journey with us so that it is easy and convenient. Our specialists will take care of everything, and you just have to choose the right package for the road.

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