International English language exam, visa exam

To apply for a family visa to the UK (Fiance, Spouse, Spouse visa extension), you must confirm the level of English proficiency.

For a family visa, it is enough to confirm the A1 level.

The UKVI Home Office only accepts official certificates issued by accredited centers listed on

All official exam centers in Russia have temporarily suspended their activities at the moment.

Especially for preparing for the language proficiency exam for obtaining a family visa to the UK, we have developed our own course.

  • Uniqueness
    of our course is that among our teachers there are specialists in immigration to the UK who are familiar with the visa process and know all the nuances of this issue. Our teachers have received international training and exam preparation courses. Be 100% ready for the exam.
  • Duration
    The course consists of 10-15 lessons, depending on your level.
  • Place
    You can study from anywhere – at home, in a cafe, in the office.
  • Efficiency
    Our task is to prepare you morally and substantively for the exam.

Our costs

Exam advice

Ielts Life skills course

10 lessons

Ielts Life skills course

15 lessons

EUR 50 EUR450 EUR625 EUR
  • We will select for you an alternative option for taking the exam in a third country
  • We will help you register for the exam
  • We will test your language level
  • Let’s talk about the structure and tasks of the exam
  • We will give a reminder for self-preparation for the exam
  • At the beginning and at the end of the course, we will test your language level in order to record and track your progress after completing the course. The exam will completely repeat the real Life Skills exam and will consist of the same tasks.
  • Individual lessons with a teacher online, during which you will get acquainted with the structure of the exam, tasks, work out the basic techniques, skills, vocabulary, grammatical structures for the successful passing of the exam. We will teach you how to behave properly, mentally prepare you to communicate with the examiner, teach you techniques to deal with stress, increase self-confidence.
  • We will find the most suitable exam center for you and help you register for the exam.
  • At the end of the course, we will also give you vocabulary sheets, exam phrases, and a vocabulary list specially designed by us for your successful integration and immigration to the UK.

Our visa specialists successfully passed trainings and tests provided by companies accredited with OISC.

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