What is a visa and do I need one?

A visa to the UK is a document that allows you to travel to the UK and study, work or live in the country, depending on your visa type. Thus, if you are planning to visit the UK, you need to apply for a visa of the appropriate category.
For each UK visa category there are individual requirements and a separate application form.

What visa type is correct for me?

Most of refusals in obtaining a visa to the UK are due to a wrong visa type, which is inappropriate for the purpose of visit.

A Visitor Visa is suitable for you if you are planning to
– go for a tourist trip
– visit your relatives or friends (or your boyfriend)
– get married in the UK (a Marriage Visitor Visa)

A Family Visa is suitable for you if you are planning to:
– get married in Great Britain and stay there for living (a Fiance Visa)
– move to the UK to join your spouse (a Spouse Visa)
– move to the UK to join your partner (an Unmarried Partner Visa)
– bring children under the age of 18 to live permanently in the UK (a Dependent Child Visa)

A Family Visa Extension is suitable for you if you are planning to:
– continue to live in the UK with your spouse after your initial Spouse visa expires

Settling in the UK
– Indefinite Leave to Remain can be obtained after 5 years of residence in the UK on a Family visa.
– After living in Great Britain on an indefinite leave to remain for at least one year, it is possible to obtain British citizenship (Naturalisation).

Assistance in obtaining for a visa to the UK - 3 business days

We can urgently prepare your application form and full documents package in 3 working days.
The cost of an express service is our usual service fee for the selected visa type x 2.

It is also possible to prepare your documents in 24 hours. The cost of this service is negotiated separately.

Our visa specialists successfully passed trainings and tests provided by companies accredited with OISC.

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We will help to collect a complete package of documents for a visa

Correctly fill out the application form in English and sign up for the submission of documents to the visa center

We will help with the translation of documents and the preparation of all necessary cover letters

We will provide support throughout the visa process

You can apply for a visa from any country

We deal with getting visas from various cities. If your city is not listed below, please send us a request.


  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Novosibirsk
  • Yekaterinburg


  • Kyiv
  • Lviv


  • Minsk


  • Alma-Ata
  • Atyrau
  • Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Choose the most convenient city for you.

An applicant cmust decide where to apply, depending on his location and the nearest Visa Application Center.


Our clients applied for their visas at the Visa Application Centers in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Spain, France, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, UAE, China, Malta, UK.

Where to begin



Send your request in any way convenient for you: feedback form, email address, social networks or instant messengers.


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Upon receipt of the application, I will review your request and ask additional questions to understand which type of visa is right for you.



Next, you make a payment using one of the payment methods provided to choose from.


Visa application

You will receive visa support instructions and we will begin the process of processing your visa application.

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