From April 11, 2024, an increased financial requirement for family visas to the UK will come into effect

The UK government is taking steps to gradually increase the minimum income for these visas in order to control migration into the country.

Now, in order to get a family visa, you will need to consider the new rules. The minimum income will be increased in phases. For example, it will rise to £29,000 from April 11, 2024. That’s 25% of the average salary of highly skilled workers. This threshold will gradually rise to £34,500 and finally to £38,700 (incidentally the same level as for highly skilled workers) by early 2025.

You still have time to apply for a wife/fiancée visa! If you pay the consular fee on April 10, 2024 – the required spouse income will still be 18600 pounds, and the new rules will go into effect on April 11.

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