How to revive long distance relationship?

If it has happened so that you are in long distance relationship, how the Europeans call them, I would like to tell you how me and my partner keep them.

I met my husband, who is a British citizen, three years ago. We got married this January and now are waiting for my Spouse visa.

We agreed to make Friday dates in the beginning of our acquaintance.
Firstly, we called them “wine parties” in zoom, because we had wine and talked to each other, listened to music. Doing this, each of us could feel relaxed.

When we met each other in the reality, our Friday dates have changed and started to mean something more for us.

We have decided to choose topics for our Friday dates and fely very excited about that.

We create quizes on various topics and get well prepared for them. We have already made quizes about music, movies, art, cosmos, cuisines, countries. We give each other scores for correct answers. We love such quizes so much that we make them quite often.

Not long ago we made a Friday date dedicated to our ancestries. Each of us showed photos of our relatives and told about their life story. It is a very interesting and important topic. I have photos of my relatives from 19th century, and when my husband saw them he was impressed. He even told me that we should print them out and put them on the walls in our home. So that we can keep a memory of our bloodline and tell our future children about these wonderful people and the country I was born in.

When we have no energy to make such Friday dates due to tiredness from work, or when we want to have some rest and relax, we can watch movies and series together online. I am fond of British sitcoms. They cheer up so much!

We enjoy our Friday dates. Because we love the idea that we both are responsible to make our relationship better. When you know your partner is far away but you remember you have a day when you spend time with him at least online, you start to value your relationship even more than before and feel how significant he is for you.

Experiment and try to find your own way to stay in touch during the hard waiting period. You will definetely walk through it! Please never put your hands down. You will see each other very soon and your life will change completely!

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