How can I enter the UK from Russia now?

The recently popular flights Moscow-London are not available now due to the air space closure.
How can someone enter the UK from Russia now?
Which flights are the most convenient and the cheapest?
Let’s deepen into this topic together.
• The cheapest way to travel to London is to fly through Tashkent (Uzbekistan). You can fly to Tashkent from Moscow via Red Wingds, Utair and Uzbekistan Airways. Then you can go directly to London via Uzbekistan Airways.
• You can also fly through Istanbul or Antalya (Turkey) via Turkish Airlines.
• There is also a possibility to fly through Manama airport (Bahrain) via Gulf Air and then change a flight to London.
• You can fly via Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Doha (Katar), then go directly to London from there. There are direct flights from Moscow to all the cities listed above.
We recommend to book tickets directly at flight companies websites, as you will not get extra comissions, and in case if you need to change or cancel your tickets, it is much easier to do this through a flight company directly, rather than through mediator companies.
When you buy tickets for changing flights through one flight company, then you register your luggage just once and it goes to the final point with you. However, we have heard from several our customers that their luggage was partially or fully lost during the flight change. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control this moment, and in case your luggage is lost, you will have to wait to find it for quite a long time and always be in contact with the flight company until it is found. Sometimes you could wait for your luggage to be found for some weeks.
We recommend to think in advance what you will do in case your luggage is lost just in case, and put your clothes evently if you have more than one bag. In this case, even if one bag is lost, you still have a pair of shoes, clothes and underwear.
We ofter hear questions about what currency to use in the airports of Uzbekistan, Turkey and UAE, as cards of Russian banks are no longer valid abroad.
• You can use your MIR cards in the airports in Turkey, Dubai and Uzbekistan.
• You can buy dollars and euros in cash in Russian banks in advance, and change them to the local currency in the airport change offices. However, please note that cross rate in this case could be not good.
• There is also possibility to open an account in the foreign bank of Kazakhstan, for example, and to travel with it.

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