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There are no boundaries for love – even the pandemic did not separate the couples in love. When many countries officially banned travel to their territories in 2020, the “Love Is Not Tourism” movement emerged in Europe. The young people advocated for open borders for those who want to reunite with their other half. If even a virus couldn’t stop them, what’s stopping you?!

Fear of making the wrong choice? Fear of the experience of having a relationship with a foreigner? And – the most popular answer – language barrier? Borders between countries have opened up, but communication barriers are still as difficult to overcome. You speak different languages: male and female perception, baggage of past relationships, peculiarities of culture, mentality, speech. To be sure that your chosen one is the one, you need to meet in person. And if he resides in the UK, the next step is to visit him in his familiar life and his environment. For this you need a Visa for the boyfriend.

A young person’s visa is a document that entitles them to multiple visits to the UK for the duration of the visa.

The standard validity of a visa by invitation is 6 months.

To apply to the consulate, you need to fill out the application form correctly and collect a complete package of documents . There are many nuances that emerge at this stage. You are tormented by doubts, you are looking for information on special forums and websites, but instead of answers – only new questions.

Every day we get letters from puzzled girls:

“Will you be able to help properly process all the paperwork for a visa to a young man?”

“What is the realistic timeframe for processing visas today?”

“I absolutely don’t want to list a boyfriend on the form, I’ll be denied a visa.”

“I was rejected. Should I try to apply for a visa again?” etc.

We do everything we can to make sure the outcome is positive. If there is a possibility of rejection in your case, our experts warn you about it at the initial stage. Further strategy of work is built with this fact in mind.

Each case is unique, and we emphasize individualized support in our work:

You can apply for a boyfriend Visa if:

The boyfriend Visa application package includes a Questionnaire, Letter of Invitation from the man and a Cover Letter. This is the first thing the visa officer looks at when reviewing your application. Our experts will help you to correctly prepare the Application Form in both languages, the Letter of Invitation and the Cover Letter from your partner, taking into account the mentality of the parties and the nuances of the Home Office.

Distinction Tourist Visa and a boyfriends Visa:

Both visas are two sub-types
Visitor visas
. The main difference between them is the purpose of the visit.
Tourist visa
is issued to get acquainted with the culture, traditions, sights of the country. A visa to a boyfriend implies meeting a man, the opportunity to spend time together and become a couple.

Why do you need to list a boyfriend on the form:

In the future, when your relationship moves to the next stage – marriage – you will need to apply for a a Bridal Visa и Wife’s Visa. . The chances of getting the cherished document increase if your visa history has a record of previous trips to the man. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 of our clients marry partners whose relationships began with such visits.

Read more in the section Visa by invitation .

We understand the challenges our clients face. Many girls are uncomfortable asking their man to pay for the trip, awkward to talk about the financial costs associated with the visa and travel in general.

Girls fear being misunderstood because of the language barrier and are afraid of alienating their partner with their request. And a man because of the difference of mentalities and ignorance of the situation may not think that a woman needs his support. In such sensitive moments, we take over the communication with the couple, build the right dialog between the partners and maintain confidentiality.

A visa to a boyfriend is only the first step of the journey, at the end of which you will be expected to move and adapt to a new country. At any stage: during the first consultation, during the preparation and submission of documents, after the visa and relocation – we will be with you. Our company’s core value is emotional, visa and legal support, with a vested interest in a positive outcome.

What's in store for you after traveling to visit a boyfriend in the UK?

Many couples continue to develop their relationship at a distance: communicate in messengers and on the phone; go on vacation together; plan a joint visit to the girl’s homeland. If the young person wants to visit you in the Russian Federation, you can apply for a Visa to Russia.

The next stage is that you have decided to legalize your relationship, get married and apply for permanent residence in the UK.

There are a few steps that must be followed in order to accomplish this:


Entering into an international marriage:


Arranging a spouse's family visa and immigration to the UK


Obtaining Permanent Residence and Citizenship of the UK

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How much will it cost?

Under Price presents the cost of services for all types of visas.

Any of your questions will be answered in Contacts .

Before applying for a visa, you can order an EXPRESS consultation and EVALUATE your chances of obtaining a VISA

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