Replacing BRP card with e-visa in 2025

Information for those whose BRP (British Resident Card) is valid until 31.12.2024.

To check what date the card is valid until – check the date on the card, or look in your inbox for a decision on your visa from UKVI when you received your resident card.

Starting in 2025, the e-visa is an online record of your immigration status.

What you need to do to get electronic immigration status to replace your plastic BRP card:

– Create a UKVI account for E-visa, it will receive a notification of how to create a personal account for E-visa by the end of 2024
– Confirm your identity using the UK Immigration ID Check app

What you need to have when creating an account:
– Passport
– BRP card
– Phone number and e-mail address

If the check-in is successful and you have accessed E-visa, air carriers will be able to verify your immigration status at the airport at passport control.

You can create a UKVI personal account for E-visa here

Also, it is important to update your new passport details if your old passport is not valid, otherwise E-visa will be linked to your old invalid passport. We recommend you to notify Home office about all changes in documents in your personal cabinet. You can update your data here

This is an update from the Home office. We are following the news and will post new articles on this topic.

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