Increasing the minimum income requirement to £38,700 (sponsor) for wife and work visas from spring 2024

Measures to increase to a minimum income of £38,700 will be introduced in spring 2024.There are no exact dates yet.

We follow home office news on a daily basis and look forward to the next amendments.

What is known by now:

This change will affect family and work visas.

As part of the fight against excess migration, the following measures will be taken in the spring of 2024:

– The minimum threshold for earning on a wife’s visa will be £38,700 instead of £18,600

– The minimum salary level on a work visa will be 38,700£ instead of 26,200£

– The visa will be reconsidered

– Those who come on care worker visas will not be allowed to bring family members (dependents) with them.

It is not yet known whether the new rule will apply to wife’s visa extensions.

For those who are going to apply for a wife’s visa, we recommend you to hurry up before the earnings threshold is raised! Write to contact us: Our contacts The Royal Visa specialists will contact you.

We are following all the news and will keep you updated on the latest developments. You will hear about all new changes in home office from us in the form of newsletters to your mail. Don’t forget to check your e-mail.

Certainly the innovations will affect many citizens living in the UK who intend to move wives/partners into their country. Not everyone’s minimum wage, even in London, is 38000£. We have only recently recovered from the family visa price increase and once again the home office has made adjustments.

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