UK visa refusals in 2023

UK visa refusals for citizens with Russian passports: statistics for 2023

One of the frequently asked questions by my subscribers is “How are things with visas to the UK for Russian citizens?”.

I will provide facts and figures today to more fully visualize the situation.

The number of people traveling to the UK by September 2023 has increased to 129 million passengers, a 35% increase on 2022. This growth reflects the overall increase in global travel following the lifting of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic in early 2022. Current passenger arrivals are more than 88% of the 2019 total (146 million) that preceded the covid outbreak.

The number of visas issued by September 2023 was 3,383,446, an increase of 30% over 2022. This increase is mainly due to an increase in the issuance of visitor visas by 660,565 (53%) as well as an increase in the number of grants.

The refusal rate for UK visitor visas in 2023 averages 22% for a total number of 2,217,810 applications.

Russia ranks 13th out of 20 countries in terms of the number of applications and has an average visa refusal rate of 22%, which, although not the highest (some countries have refusal rates as high as 53%), is still notable.

Overall statistics show significant differences in refusal rates by country of origin, indicating complex factors affecting the visa issuance process.

To summarize: The success of visa applications does not depend solely on the number of visa applicants; rather, a variety of factors, including diplomatic relations, economic conditions, and possibly historical ties, likely influence the process.

Consequences of a UK visa refusal

Using real cases of our clients, we will tell you what difficulties you can face when your visa is denied:

1. “Tainted” visa history and possible ban with refusal to enter the UK for 10 years

2. Financial Losses:

A visa refusal is not only a loss of money invested for visa fees, it is also money invested in the visa process, tickets, accommodation bookings and therefore can be a significant loss to your budget, which in turn can have long term financial consequences

3. Emotional difficulties:

A visa denial is not only a financial loss, but also a test of your emotional fortitude. Disappointment, stress, and a possible sense of loss can all affect both your overall well-being and the emotional well-being of your family and friends if the trip was planned to meet them

4. Loss of time and opportunity:

Every visa rejected means missed opportunities. Time spent preparing for a trip may be lost and your future plans may have to be reconsidered.

However, let me remind you that a visa denial is not the end of your journey, but merely a temporary obstacle.

Stay optimistic, work on improving your chances and keep moving forward towards your dreams !

More information on visa regulations can be found at UK government portal

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